Get Your Garage Ready For The Winter.


Well another fine summer has come to an end, no more scorching summer temperatures, hours stuck in traffic on the ride to and home from the shore and of course no more vacations (well until the holiday season comes along). It is now time for the kids to go back to school and the temperatures to get colder soon the leaves will be falling and before you know it there will be snow!

So now is the perfect time to get your garage ready for the winter months and colder temperatures here is a bit of a checklist you can follow to make sure your home will remain nice and cozy during the fall and winter.

First and foremost you need to clean and organize your garage, take advantage of the still bearable temperatures and empty the entire garage. Once you have everything out of the garage you can give it a nice cleaning, wipe down the walls, mop the floor I know it seems like a huge task but once it is sparkling you will be happy you spent the hour it took to clean it. After you have finished cleaning the inside it is time to go through all the items you took out of it, what do you need in the winter? Shovels, snow tires, sleds, decorations for the upcoming holidays; these are the things you will need to access in the upcoming months so be sure to put them in last after you have packed up all the other items like outdoor furniture, pool toys, beach chairs and bogie boards and anything else you will not need until next summer.

Now that you have everything organized and put away it is time to give your garage door a full inspection. First you will need to close the door while you are inside the garage, once the door is shut check around the bottom, top and side to see if there are any gaps that cold air could enter through. If you notice a gap there are a few ways to seal it.  There are tons of weather-stripping options on the market and most are easy enough to install by yourself, but if you are unsure on what one will work best for you simply contact your local garage door company and you can have an expert come right out and show you the best weather-stripping options you have. If you are looking for a way to seal up the gaps without purchasing anything you can always use old towels or pool noodles to fill in the gap, just remember these will not keep all the cold air out and you will see it in your heating bill.

After you are done finding any gaps in your door it is time to check out your hardware, hinges, cables and rollers all need to be in tip-top shape to withstand the winter months so do a quick check on these things. Check your hinges are all the screws there? Is there any rust? If you notice something wrong with the hinges you can easily go to the hardware store and replace them or get some extra screws. Next check your rollers on the track of the door clean them of any debris or dirt and spray a little lubricant in there this will make sure your door can open easily once the cold hits. Now time to check your cables and springs do they look worn out or frayed? If the answer is yes then it is time to call in the professionals. Repairing or replacing garage door springs or cables may seem like a simple enough task to take on yourself but please do not do it. Philadelphia Garage Doors employes expert garage door repair technicians for a reason, these springs and cables hold so much tension if not dealt with properly they can cause serious injury. If all of your hardware is in working condition than you are almost ready to call your garage door preparation complete.

The last thing you need to do to make sure your garage door is ready for the colder weather is check your garage door opener! Make sure the batteries are full and all of your remotes work. Nothing is worse than trying to get into your garage in the middle of a snow storm and your opener decides to not open. If you are unable to check the opener yourself our friendly experts will come out and do it for you and also provide you with a free garage door readiness examination while they are there. Never hurts to have a second opinion right.

Philadelphia Garage Doors wants to see how you prepare your garage door for the winter. Post pictures or comments if you have any other ideas on how to make sure your garage door works as well as it can all winter long!

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