Frozen Garage Door


Even though it has been a mild December winter has not yet bared its cold ugly head, in the next few months we will be dealing with freezing temperatures, snow and ice cold rain. With these weather hazards you need to make sure you follow these helpful tips to ensure your garage door can stand the test of winter.

Whenever there is freezing cold temperatures mixed with precipitation it can be quite the hazard, for driving, unlocking doors and yes opening your garage door. You see we have encountered quite a few garage door repair calls over the last few years due to a frozen garage door. What can happen is when there is moister trapped either inside the garage door panels or at the base of the garage door when you go to use your garage door opener to open the door the frost can cause the garage door to break. Sometimes it will be the garage door cable that snaps or a garage door spring will break and other times the panels will be frozen to the ground and break apart from the garage door causing the entire thing to come crashing down.

In order to save yourself and your garage door this winter we have come up with a short checklist for you to follow.

First if you know there is a freeze coming be sure to check your garage door before opening it, you can do this by looking at the bottom of your garage door to see if there is any ice visible and checking the inside rollers and panels. You will also need to check the outside of the door, which will require you facing the freezing temperatures so be sure to bundle up. If you see the ice you will need to melt it DO NOT use just hot water you can make a mixture of water and vinegar which will melt it away and not freeze back up or use a product called DE-ICER. After the ice is cleared away it is safe to open your garage door.

To avoid dealing with this all together you can take a few steps before the temperature drops to make sure your garage door will not freeze up. First you will need to get a water displacing spray; silicone spray or even cooking spray will work. Spray the bottom seal of your garage door and the ground that it touches along with the tracks and panel hinges on the inside of the garage door. DO NOT use petroleum spray because that will cause damage to the moving parts. Next take some snow melt, salt or even kitty litter and put it on the ground not only where the garage door meets the ground but about 2 or 3 inches on each side of the door. Having this down on the ground along with the spray will ensure that even if ice does form it will melt away and not be able to attach itself to the garage door since the spray is on it.

The home made remedies will of course be the cheapest form of prevention but the store bought options will be the easiest since that is what they are made for.

We hope these tips will help our valued customers out but remember our Philadelphia Garage Door technicians are standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week ready to come right out and fix any garage door problem you may have.

For more information and other garage door tips check out our website.

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