Broken Garage Door Spring


One of the most common service calls our technicians here at Philadelphia Garage Doors receives is for Garage Door Spring Replacement, these calls happen all year long but in the winter months there is a increase in calls since no moving machine likes to work in the cold.

The Garage Door Spring breaks it can be quite the frustrating time, especially if you are like me and keep your vehicle housed inside your garage to make starting it easier in the morning. Once the spring breaks there is really nothing you are able to do to get your car out other than run threw the door. That is where our expert Garage Door Repair Technicians come into play. Since we offer 24/7 365 service you can always count on there being an answer to your call no matter what time of day or night it may be.

There are so many different reasons as to why your garage door spring may have broke but we are going t cover a few of the most common and give you some tips on how to avoid this problem from occurring in the future. 

The first and most obvious reason your spring may have snapped is due to old age, yes just like the human body after so many years of rigorous labor your garage door springs become worn out and just snap. They do not however do this with out warring, you see at first the garage door will start to make a screeching sound when you open it, this is your spring trying to get your attention and let you know there is not much left in its life so change me NOW. After the noises start you will also notice your garage door sticking per-say, like when you push the opener button the garage door will not open smoothly like it used to but instead jerk in an abrupt motion and then open up. Anytime you notice your garage is not working normally it is best to give it a quick look over. Just a few seconds out of your day can wind up saving you a ton of money in the future.

The second main reason springs break is misuse of the garage door, not many people think it is possible to abuse your garage but trust us it is. Maybe your kids have been playing with the opener, or you forgot to clean out the tracks the last time you gave your garage a cleaning. There are many reasons how your garage door could be misused and it is important to make sure it is only being opened and closed when needed. Teach your children about the safety precautions and the correct way to operate your garage door, not only will it allow you the peace of mind in knowing you are not going to be wasting money on unnecessary repairs but also that your children will be safe when you are or are not at their side when using the garage door.

Philadelphia Garage Doors is always here twenty four hours a day seven days a week with a skilled technician ready to come right out to your home and assist you with whatever garage door service you may need.

To find out more about our services or to schedule your appointment check out our website.

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